LIGHTING-Light Show Themes

In SAE, we have customzied our light show into three major catergories: BASIC, SUPER & INTELLIGENT

The purpose is to pair up a group of lighting fixtures that works perfectly together with stunning effects.

Check out our LIGHTING DEMO, click here t


SUPER LIGHT SHOW *NEW* : This is a new series for 2010 featuring all *NEW* LED DMX effects with super bright colors & full control.


INTELLIGENT: Upscale DMX Lighting with a portable rack setup. Effects include power light beam, spotting, laser, & multi changing pattern.



BASIC: This is the first generation of lighting, which include non-DMX & semi DMX fixtures. Basic LED effects also included.


What is DMX? It's a coding language which allows a series of lighting fixtures to be controlled and pre-programed by

a controller. It allows to create different scenes as color changing, shape of gobo, and other unqiue effects, which regular

lighting effects can't do. Majority of our lighting systems are DMX ready.


Check out our LIGHTING DEMO, click here t