Drawing The Future We will give out papers & color pencils for every table.  The guests will have to predict what the future of bride and groom is like by drawing a picture!
Chinese Ceremony This is a fun game base on the tradition of the Chinese ceremony. Both the bride and groom are responsible for saying some funny Chinese dialogs.
Who's My Husband We will arrange a line of guests. The bride will be blind folded and she will need to use her hands to find out, who's the real husband.
Wedding Dress

We will form two groups. Each group needs to re-design a wedding dress for our bride. However, the group leader will be the make-over model instead.

Where's My Husband We are going to hide the groom in one of the many tables. The bride must find him in a fixed amount of time. Audiences will waive their hands to cover-up the groom.
Wedding Shoes This is a little quiz to test if the bride/groom really understand each other. We will ask them some trick questions while sitting back to back. They will have to use their shoes to answer the questions.  
Drinking Game Easy. Get all the drinkers out on the dance floor. Bridal party versus guests.
Wedding Cake 3 pairs of couples will be asked to eat a big piece of the wedding cake and the gentlemen have to do 20 push ups. Fastest group wins.
Kick Ki-Kat We will ask the bride & groom along with the bridal party to switch their shoes. They will have to dance around the ballroom. The audience will decide the winner.
The Flash We will ask few special guests to come up and dress them up with different costumes. We will blind fold the bride and see if she can find out which of them is her husband.