1. What types of songs do you play?  Where can I find your collections?

    You can find our song list under:

    Our selection includes Hip Pop, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Techno, Classic, Love, Funk, Motown, 90s, 80s, 70s, Group Dance.  Also, our DJs are equipped with a laptop with 5000+ songs along with their CD Collections.  You can also give recommendation of what types of music that you prefer us to play.


2. How many songs can I select?

    In general, we don’t have any limitation as long as you provide us the music on a CD (mp3 or CD audio).  We are more than happy to mix it.  If you would like us to get the songs for you, you can select up to 5 requested songs.  For any additional songs, there will a charge of $5 per each song burned onto a CD.  You may also submit a song list, which we can take it as consideration. 


3. I have more people attending than I expected, do I need an extra speaker?

    There’s no one simple rule because it usually depends on the number of tables/guest & location of the given time.  The rule of thumb is anytime from 100 to 250 people (no additional speaker needed), 250 to 400 (one additional speaker), 400 to 500 (two additional speakers), & anything more (WOW!!!Contact us for details.)


4. What kind of speakers / brand you use?  Why is it important?

    Good question!  This is important since we only use top of the line brands such as Bose, Mackie, Denon, Apple (Mac), HP, Lenovo (IBM), Martin, Chauvet, Sony, etc.  These are reliable gears, which enable us to consistently perform at a high level. Our average equipment worth that we bring to the event is 30K to 40K in value.


5. Do you do Group Dances?

    Yes, only upon request during the final meeting /or the day of the event.



6. How can I select/reserve a MC& DJ package?

    This is base on a first come first serve basis.  MC reservation fees already included as part of the package plan.  $500 deposit is required to book a package.


7. Can I select a particular DJ?

    Our teams are base on a normal rotation and all of them are under the supervision of the MC.  There’s an additional fee of $100 required for reservation of a Disc Jockey.


8. What do your MC/Crew wears?

    MC wears Tuexdo/Business suit.  Crew wears SAE uniform or Tuexdo per requested.


Music Slide Video (MSV) & (HDMSV)

1. How long is the MSV?  How many pictures will we need to provide?

    It usually runs about 7 to 8 mins long.  We ask 60 to 80 pics of your personal photos (dating, friends, graduation, baby) &Submit all of your wedding photos.  You can also provide us up to 3 songs upon your own selection.  Also, you will get a copy in a DVD copy after the wedding.


2. Can I make changes to the MSV after it is done?

    There are two types of changes in our world.  If there are misspell or wrong picture used, we will change it without any cost.  However, if you would like to make personal changes in terms of style, artistic directions, a fee of $65 will be charged each time for proof read. 


3. How should I submit the photos?  Can you scan it as well?

    We take all photos digitally in CD/DVD, so we recommend that you scan all the photos.  If you prefer us to scan it instead, $65 for scanning 50 to 100 photos. 


4. If I am planning to make my own slide show, can I play it during the night?  What format?

Yes, you are welcome to make your own slide show and submit to us as a regular playable DVD.  No laptop.  Also, just remember that we do not support any external gears. 


Scenic Design

1. Would the lighting effects affect my picture outcome?

    The answer is YES!!!  Your pictures will come out even better.  Rather you turn the lights on or off, it will be equally nice.  


2. What type of materials do you use?

    All of our theme style materials are imported from France, HK, which are in top of the class quality.  They can range from silk flowers, LED lights, fabrics, portable backdrops with a series of selected items base on the theme selection.


3. How much time do you need to setup?

    It depends on the package you’ve have selected.  But generally, we need minimum of 2 to 3 hours before reception starts. 


General Questions:

4. How many hours do the package covers?  How long does it take you to setup?

    In general, we cover 5 hours of music.  We also require access to the room minimum one hour of setup time (not counts toward the package).  If there are multiple packages being selected, additional setup time might required.


5. How much is over time charges?

    We only do a full hour of overtime $225 (w/scenic design $275).  But no worries, we will always double check with you first.


6. If I want to hire an outside vendor for wedding décor service, would there be any problems?

SAE owns full copyrights & artistic direction control of each live performance production.  Therefore, we recommended that you consider SAE as the primary décor provider with competitive rates & high quality service to conflict of interest with other vendors.  If you would still like to use an outside provider, please notify SAE for details.  On location fixed setup, Florist, Videographer, & Photographer are exceptional.


7. Do I need to provide a seated dinner for your crew?

    We have no fixed requirement.  Since we will be busy working, ideally, we will eat before the event starts.  Or some catering have a fixed vendor menu.  We will also finalize the number of crew members with you during the final meeting. There are times that you recommend that we grab something outside instead.  We recommend $20 a person.

8. How much should I tip?

    If you think we did a great job, we recommend 15% of total service charge.


9. How do you get people on the dance floor?  How do I make sure everything goes smoothly?

    This is what we do, and we are the expert of tricks!!!  At the same time, the MC of your choice will meet with you 2 weeks prior to your wedding to finalize all the details.  It is important that you prepare everything by that time, with no moving parts.  Also, be sure that you communicate with your bridal party that we need their full cooperation.  Other than that, just get your dancing shoes ready, that’s all!!!!


10. How long have you guys been in the business?

    1990 Sang Along Laser was found (originally a video/audio retail shop).  1992 Sang Along Entertainment was founded by Sam Lau.  And we starting to host events for mini concerts, singing competition, cooperate events, and of course, WEDDINGS!!!


11. Can I go visit one of your wedding events?

    Unfortunately, we can’t invite third party to our wedding productions.  For the same reason that we will not invite someone unknown to your event.  However, you will be able to find our demo & recent works under which will give you plenty of taste:

    Demo -
    Feedback -
    Facebook -


12. How’s SAE different than any other groups?

    Creativity, Energy & Experience.  We see ourselves as an interactive entertainment group with great knowledge & reliable resources.